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We have Risen … For a serious matter it is the fundraising and awareness raising campaign promoted by FOCSIV with the international voluntary bodies adhering to the Federation, in collaboration with Coldiretti, Campagna Amica, and the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

The specificity of the FOCSIV Campaign is to unite the realities in which the participating Organisms operate, thanks to the commitment of the many Italian and local volunteers, with specific interventions to support local needs, to achieve a single objective: to promote family farming in Italy and the world as a sustainable model.

Family farming is an approach to rural development that has its roots in a production mode that is profoundly different from that proposed by agro-food multinationals, safeguarding biodiversity, crops and cultures of different peoples and countries.

Supporting family farming means: a) promoting models of ecological and sustainable agriculture; b) favor the diversification of production in contrast with monocultures; c) promoting awareness for the affirmation of rights through consulting and legal assistance; d) increase the sales power of farmers in the local market through cooperation and a suitable length of the supply chain; e) to guarantee education; f) promoting gender equality; g) improving the state of health, the quality of life of people, families and communities; h) guaranteeing employment and economic growth.

FOCSIV chose rice, 15 years ago, as a vehicle for the campaign, one of the most consumed food in the world, especially among the poorest. A product that allows, given its diffusion and also Italian production, to promote a model of sustainable development attentive to quality, food safety, environment and territories, giving back to the communities the right to produce the food necessary for their livelihoods and , then, to start a process of territorial development that achieves food democracy and, more generally, the integral ecology.

The 100% Italian RISO “Roma” parcel, produced by the Italian Agricultural Supply Chain, Signed by Italian Farmers (FdAI) is offered against a minimum donation of 5.00 Euro, Saturday and Sunday 6 – 7 May 2017, from 4000 volunteers in 800 squares, parishes and markets.

Thanks to donations and the previous rice campaign, 114,248 families were supported in 2016 with 38 interventions in the poorest areas of the WORLD, to respond to specific needs in the local communities of: Europe (2) Asia (4), Africa (27) , Latin America (5), supporting 89,123 women, 87,675 children and 356 communities and villages.

The intervention promoted by Co.P.E. for 2017 it concerns the child protection program “Watoto Wana Njia!” which in Swahili means “Children have a hope!”. The intervention is aimed at families, especially children, who experience problems of malnutrition and malnutrition in the village of Nyololo and in seven other neighboring villages.

The project aims to reduce the infant mortality rate, guaranteeing free assistance for children affected by malnutrition and related diseases. A health service has been activated on the territory with itinerant meetings on the prevention of pathologies (delays in growth, both motor development and psycho-cognitive) linked to the lack of hygiene, food insecurity and malnutrition. Thanks to the help of mobile clinics, the medical and nursing staff of the Nyololo Rural Health Center can take care of patients from different villages in the region.




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