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Destination E Validation (DesTeVa) is an Erasmus + project whose participants are eight organizations from eight European countries: they are expert organizations in the field of validation of skills acquired during work activities or voluntary work in the third sector. The aim of the project is to arrive at a methodology for the recognition and validation of transversal skills, such as those acquired during voluntary work in order to facilitate entry into the world of work.

Specifically, the DesTeVa project partners work on the creation of a web platform dedicated to volunteers looking for employment, third sector professionals and human resources of NGOs, associations and public social services, which provides validation methods valid both at national and European. The results foreseen by the project are: elaboration of guidelines for the validation methodologies available on the website in different languages; an e-book containing all the information of the Project; an online tool for the validation of skills available in different languages.

Volunteering has always played an important role in many sectors of the economy, but its contribution has not yet been officially recognized at European level. In 2012 the role of volunteering in the European Union was highlighted in a declaration by the European Parliament, which states: the skills and knowledge acquired by volunteers should be recognized as part of their training and facilitate the search for a job.

These are skills and experiences that could be invested in many work activities, contributing to the achievement of new qualifications, but it is necessary to establish methodologies that validate these skills also in relation to public institutions, certification bodies and potential employers.


Project update # 1 – Destination and Validation, meeting in Finland

Project update # 2 – Destination and Validation, participates in the beta test of the web platform

Project Update # 3 – Destination Project Approval and Erasmus + Agency Validation