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In Angola the CO.P.E. is present on the field thanks to the collaboration with the youth missionary group from Alcamo (TP) that annually organizes work camps in Angola, near the Diocese of Benguela.

The project, co-funded by the Italian Episcopal Conference, had the objective of promoting development through training activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of the bairro of the Mission N.sa S.ra de Nazaré.

Performed activities:

  • welcome children orphans of war or abandoned;
  • literacy for children and young adults living in the Benguela District;
  • training courses for young adults and women heads of families;
  • technical-financial support for families or women of PROMAICA (Association for the promotion of the Angolan woman) who want to undertake micro-entrepreneurial activities;
  • basic health awareness and education activities through meetings in the bairros concerned for the prevention of endemic diseases such as malaria and cholera (by PROMAICA animators).

The technical and professional training is aimed at young war orphans and abandoned to facilitate their reintegration into the local socio-economic context, and to the heads of families for the protection of children at risk.