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CORE – Comprehensive Guidance for Resettled Refugees
Given the problematic resettlement of refugees in Europe, supporting refugees with information activities is very important to prepare them for their new life. Adapting to a completely new environment is a challenging process, so CORE intends to provide refugees with real and up-to-date information on the destination European countries to support their integration.

The project, which will last 24 months and will end in 2019, involves 6 partners in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Turkey.

We want to prepare a “Welcoming Guide” for resettled refugees , which provides information on essential services such as: preparations before departure; first reception; social care; employment support; education and training; language training; orientation; health care; etc. The Welcoming Guide will be built with the data collected by the partners and will be a sort of survival guide containing specific information on each European country. The refugees involved will also be assisted in developing the skills necessary for inclusion in the new environment or workplace, and the aptitudes necessary for successful integration will be investigated.

The result will be an interactive information platform, which will allow the exchange of opinions through a forum and where there will be room for comments, feedback, questions, experiences, … In addition to acting as a guide for refugees, the platform can be used by authorities and institutions as databases that are the result of survey work and reports carried out at national level.

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