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FutVol – Future skills for volunteering


In line with other projects already carried out by CO.P.E on the validation of non-formal skills, FutVol intends to create a new peer learning model, that can be used by any individual or organisation in the field of volunteering, to offer new learning opportunities and motivate volunteers.

In addition to obtaining a clearer understanding of future skills for volunteering (such as communication in the mother tongue and in foreign languages, intercultural communication, social responsibility, conflict resolution, and digital skills), the project will provide volunteers with a tool for the observation and management of their work. The recognition of non-formal learning will be possible thanks to suitable tools for the validation of skills, which will be designed using the ‘European key competences for lifelong learning’ as a framework.

A guide entitled ‘Future Skills Guide to Volunteering’ will also be published, which will help volunteers, professionals in the field and institutions that address volunteering to better understand the learning needs of volunteers and plan their work accordingly.

The organizations involved in the project will increase their strategic understanding of the future of volunteering and the volunteers will benefit in terms of new possibilities for learning and recognition of the value of volunteering.