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The “SaD Global Network” consortium project, financed by the Fondazione con il Sud and promoted by Co.P.E., is being implemented. in partnership with Forum Sad, A. Se.Con, Enigm, GVS, Helpeople, L.E.S.S., Shalom Movement, Soleterre, La Rosa Roja Dokita, Tulime. The project intends to make interventions solidarity abroad and in Italy more efficient and effective, to create an interregional network on the best practices of the SaD and to link the latter to other instruments of international cooperation. The ultimate goal of the project will be the realization of the GLOBAL NETWORK SAD (RGS), in order to include and develop interactions between all the subjects involved and increase the impact of active citizenship, social participation and solidarity interventions; in fact, it is planned to extend the network from the current 13 to 35 southern provinces, through a territorial research that leads to the inclusion of new associations and informal groups involved in various capacities in the SAD. During the school year just ended, Co.P.E., in collaboration with C.D. “Teresa of Calcutta”, I. C. “Fontanarossa”, I. C. “De Amicis”, Ist. Dante Alighieri, L. A. “Emilio Greco” and I.T.N. “Duca degli Abruzzi”, realized the “Together” Global Citizenship Education Path, addressed to about 400 students of the schools participating in the project and present in the territory of Catania and the province.

In addition, at the end of September, free training courses will start on “Transparent social communication and advocacy” and “Social & Web Marketing operative”, addressed to third sector operators and for which it is still possible to proceed with registration. Finally, among the project actions to be implemented, it is planned to launch the “SAD Contact Points”, places of information and tutoring designed to support associations that are approaching the world of distance support for the first time, encouraging the meeting, the comparison and exchange with industry associations and promote the dissemination and practice of distance support as an instrument of International Cooperation.