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Mide is a Peruvian NGO that for over twenty years has been supporting (through the lending of small sums of money) peasant women from the Andean area southeast of Peru. Thanks to this commitment, more than 7,000 women residing in very isolated rural areas and therefore lacking any concrete guarantees (since they were neglected by traditional banks), have managed to have access to micro loans, fundamental for their growth and for the support of their families . The sums of money that they access are mainly invested in the cultivation of potatoes, quinoa, kiwicha and in the breeding of animals such as llamas and alpacas. Next to agriculture and breeding, another sector of fundamental importance for the sustenance of the Andean populations, is the textile handicraft, from which are produced precious and colorful fabrics. Parallel to the economic funding, the women beneficiaries of the services of the NGO, have the opportunity to attend laboratories aimed at developing their autonomy. Thanks to the support, not only financial, of the Mide, Andean women, increase self-esteem and entrepreneurial skills: qualities crucial to achieve greater emancipation in a society, even today, strongly discriminating.

The CO.P.E. collaborates with Mide to carry out a market analysis to consolidate the institution’s presence in the Macro Sur Andina region; the preparation of a monitoring report on the emancipation status of MIDE’s peasant women customers, and the writing of a project on renewable energy to be presented to potential donors.