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un solo mondo un solo futuro

The consortium project “Un solo mondo” started in November. A single future “that will take place in 15 Italian regions with the co-funding of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) and with the sponsorship of MIUR.

The project will include training meetings for school managers and teachers, during which materials will be provided that are suitable for everyday use in classrooms, and which address significant situations / problems for students. Teachers will also be guided in the implementation of Learning Units on food security and sovereignty, international migration and global economy.

Objective of the project One world. One future is to promote global education at school, that is the study of the great global themes through an integration between curricular teaching and active citizenship laboratories, able to offer students learning paths that are stimulating and in able to offer keys to reading on the crucial issues of our time: increase in migration from many suburbs to a few centers, cohabitation in increasingly multi-ethnic societies, the growth of environmental and ecological problems both globally and locally.

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