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In Italy the CO.P.E. carries out information, training and awareness activities on situations of imbalance between the North and the South of the world. This activity is also carried out with the collaboration of those who, while not providing a voluntary service in emerging countries, want to engage in the environment in which they live to foster an awareness of the injustice that exists at international level.
The body works in particular in schools and with educators in general, so that a true pedagogy of Development Education (EaS) can be created, where EaS means the promotion of those knowledge and attitudes that make each subject capable of evaluate the problems of global urgency in an autonomous and responsible way.
The CO.P.E. offers to the schools and teachers who request it, numerous opportunities to get to know and deepen issues concerning the North-South relationship, sustainable development and paths of active participation in the construction of a fair-trade world, through a review of our styles of life.

The CO.P.E. in recent years it has also found itself involved in the Migration activities, both as regards participation in data collection research activities and in the activation of services aimed at immigrants, with particular attention to on-the-job training and reception . In Sicily the CO.P.E. has made available for training and guidance projects for immigrants in the Calatino area, a multi-purpose center located in the heart of Sicily, in San Michele di Ganzaria.

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