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Sustainable Agriculture Rural Center – Food Safety Program

The Rural Sustainable Agriculture Center is a school-farm located in the village of Nambehe, in the Ruvuma region of Tanzania, whose goal is to improve the quality of life of the local population through training courses for the enterprise, the agro-zootechnical sector and the marketing of products, so as to reduce the tendency to abandon the rural areas by young people to migrate to the cities.

The Center was inaugurated in 2009 and today there are more than 300 young farmers who took part in the two-month training courses held at the training center in sustainable agriculture and a large percentage of them had access to small credits to start micro-entrepreneurial activities in the agricultural and zootechnical fields. Over 2,500 farmers took part in the training events, starting a process of eco-sustainable development and information on hygiene, nutrition and horticultural activities with low energy expenditure. In addition, it is possible to attend three-year professional courses with the release of the Tanzanian ministerial certification VETA. The courses differ in animal breeding (animal Husbandry) and agricultural production (crop production).

The right to food is a fundamental right and our idea is that this right is guaranteed by the promotion of endogenous resources and self-development. The project of the Sustainable Agriculture Rural Center is based on a program that refers to the first Millennium Goal “To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” and the seventh “Assure environmental sustainability”. We believe we can achieve this by creating virtuous self-development circles for rural communities.

The project was carried out with the contribution of the Italian Episcopal Conference, which allocates part of the 8 x one thousand of the total income tax, for charitable interventions in favor of developing countries. The Region of Sicily and the Tavola Valdese also financed the project.

Activities already carried out

Through a collaboration with the Slow-Food Foundation for Biodiversity, a program dedicated to organic farming and medicinal plants has been created. Through the monitoring activities in the villages, technical and financial assistance (with a micro-credit fund) is guaranteed to farmers or agricultural cooperatives who want to start a profitable business.

Website: https://tcsaruvuma.wordpress.com/