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sisi ni kesho 2007

Sisi ni kesho 2007

Sisi ni kesho 2007 (“We are the tomorrow”) is a project that was born in 2007 at the request of the village authorities and the local counterpart, the Archdiocese of Songea and the Parish of Msalaba Mkuu to create a diurnal center to support the families and to children in distress in the village of Msindo, which offered food support to combat child malnutrition, assistance to orphans, health care and education. Thanks to the willingness to use the premises of Chekechea (kindergarten) of the Parish the proposal could become reality.

After a careful analysis of the context and needs emerged from numerous interviews with the local population, “Sisi ni kesho 2007” was born. The project provides a multi-sectoral program that acts in an integrated way covering different areas of intervention such as education and information, child protection, income redistribution.

The constant collaboration and involvement of the beneficiaries and the parents’ committee was fundamental for the success of the project and the achievement of results. The participatory approach has favored the process of self-appropriation of the project, of the objectives to be achieved, thus becoming an indispensable condition for the sustainability of the project, which today is autonomous and managed by the Counterparty with broad participation and involvement of the local population.