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Human development and social security for young mothers and children at risk in the suburbs of Lima

Familias sin violencia is a project promoted by CO.P.E. NGOs and integrated into the Yachay Wasi Program.

Yachay Wasi is a multi-year project carried out by the association of the same name, local project partner. The context of reference includes three communities born from the migratory phenomenon that occurred between 1980 and 2000. Period in which the populations of the Andean and Amazonian rural areas poured into the city to escape political violence. The overcrowding of urban areas, pushed migrants to settle (with plastic shelters and plates) in marginal areas of the city of Lima: unhealthy and desert environments, which also see the presence of one of the largest cement factories in America. South, which, emanating toxic substances, causes pollution and consequent respiratory diseases. Diseases that are added to the rate of malnutrition and malnutrition that affects about 82% of the child population. The poverty of these communities and the important numbers of unemployment coincide with racial problems: the legacy of the racist ideology of the Luminous Path, today discriminate against the mestizo and indigenous populations. This socio-geographical context is fertile ground for frustration, alcoholism, illiteracy, early motherhood and violence – both domestic and child (young children leave school to form real baby-gangs).

The activities carried out so far concern the strengthening of the activities and structures of the Yachay Wasi program. Specifically, the care of basic education (with educational assistance and information on sexual and hygienic prevention) supported by a professional training plan. With the help of local associations and Italian volunteers who monitor the activities, a program of introduction to natural medicine was also created, so as to enhance the Andean and Amazonian herbal knowledge possessed by migrants. Alongside the professional tailoring course – thanks to which the young participants have conquered a small slice of the market, taking a step towards the affirmation of their rights and guaranteeing their children school and medical care – workshops of female empowerment have been carried out, support psychological and counseling on domestic violence.

Given the good results achieved over the years, now we want to: upgrade the tailoring course with the purchase of new materials and sewing machines; organize monthly seminars to raise awareness on alcoholism, drug addiction, the right to human dignity, entrepreneurship, emancipation and natural medicine; build new classrooms for literacy activities; expand the micro-credit service promoted by MIDE for the start of income generating activities